194/365 The first book

Today I read my first book in English. The book is classified “High beginning” and it has about 1600 words. The reading was easy, very easy, because I hadn´t difficult. It´s true and it´s amazing! Yes, I know that book is intended for teens, so I can say that my inner teen is happy because he could read and understand the story.  😀

The story is about three teenagers who start practicing MTB (MounTain Bike) and create the “Free riders” group. They research, attended classes at a specialized school and buy all the safety equipment (helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads).

At the beginning of training one of them suffers an accident and for not being with full safety equipment hurts the knee and go to the hospital.

“You see, Mr. Davis (MTB´s teacher). I think we have to quit MTB. It´s dangerous.”

“Yes, Alex. It´s dangerous, but most sports are dangerous. Safety in sports is very important,” Mr. Davis says.

“You know Alex, in life there are many ‘rocks’ along the way. You have two choices: stop and quit, or try to continue. Think about that,” Mr. Davis adds.

The teenagers think about quitting, but return to practice, attending a MTB event and create a blog about the sport. It´s the story.

Luckily, I already have the next book to read in English! It will be much cooler and also difficult. My small victory day… And in English! I just have to thank for it.




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