If you could go back in time…

After watching “Back to the Future” everybody dreams about changing something in the past, maybe this is an unconscious coletive wish.

The reason why I would change this part of the history is because nowadays I know the loss to everyone. I carried out this: to prevent Prestes Maia from becoming the mayor of São Paulo in 1938, when he implemented the road system in the city. This system was designed to favor cars, he opted for the multinational automotive companies and the real estate market. Both were benefited, besides that politicians and entrepreneurs made a profit.

If he had implemented his plan (Avenues Plan) and had also privileged the river system first, the second railway road system and only then the road system, the paulistano citizen wouldn´t have, among other problems, the terrible and seemingly unsolvable current traffic problem.

If I had power to change this specific portion of the past, I would do this as the intelligent and crazy scientist Doc Brown and how the brave and young Marty McFly.

Fiz esse texto como exercício para a prova de inglês: eu tentei usar a forma condicional, voz passiva, algumas palavras que precisam de preposições específicas, recurso de ênfase e “phrasal verbs”…

Fica a pergunta: o que você mudaria se pudesse voltar no tempo?


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